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I spy with Hubble’s eye, something ancient in the sky. Since the dawn of conscious time, when the very first eye became sublime, how many have gazed into THAT night, and caught the photon’s faery flight, and reason sought to count the odds, while ignorance engineered its gods? Greycoat TV – utube. Advertisements

Interesting Video on Consciousness

Explorations in consciousness, debunking consciousness as substratum.  I really think this is an important point for us to understand, the concept of emptiness is more than a personal philosophy, it’s the nature of the Universe, is Science finally catching up to Buddha?   There are two videos in this series, the link to both can be … Continue reading

Illusion Delusion

The Universe is differentiated by design, so whatever way we are led to experience its complete oneness, it’s a temporary experience, merely a fleeting symbol which points to the truth, the truth that the Universe itself is One as it is.   Any attempt to reduce it to 1 thing or unite it into one … Continue reading

Enlightening Quotes

Some folks over at Liberation Unleashed have put together a nifty little Android app for anyone who is interested in self-inquiry. Imagine having the power of an awakened guide available at your fingertips. Imagine having over three hundred pointers to guide your search, all organized into ten highly targeted categories. Now imagine all this … Continue reading


  Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense. ~ Buddha

Just want to let everyone know I appreciate the thought that accompanies awards but at this time I am unable to accept awards.

Beer is an Illusion, but its effects are real!

Beer is made of water barley yeast and hops, water is made of molecules, molecules are made of 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen.  Search all we want we can’t find a singular, independent, unchanging, inseparable element that is beer.   This can be applied to everything in the universe, including ourselves A self is … Continue reading

Today is My Favorite Day

I’m writing about death again because it seems to be a squeamish subject for many, let this squeamishness work for you, what is your fear? How do you feel when I say we’re not eternal?  Some may be relieved, I mean seriously how long is eternity?  Others may feel fear.    Explore whatever you’re feeling, contemplate … Continue reading

Nirvana is Right Here

The end of suffering is here, is now, is complete one individual at a time.    The doorway to Nirvana is right here, right now, is entered one individual at a time.   Heaven is not above, it is here, it is now, it is awakened one individual at a time.  Once entered humanity is seen as … Continue reading

Entering the Unknown

Once you leave behind the idea of “you” that is as an ego separate from everything around it you enter the unknown.   The reason you enter the unknown is simply because you’ve surrendered to the Universe, the Universe moves through you, there is no I standing in the way, you’re an empty vessel.   You have … Continue reading

Life as Reflection

Life is you, there is no boundary between the inner and the outer.   So beliefs about life shape life, it’s basic cause and effect.   If you’re dishonest you believe everyone is dishonest, and that is reflected back upon you, thievery is everywhere.   If you believe financial wealth is the goal, you believe everyone wants … Continue reading

It Takes the Whole Wheel

Everything is changeable, everything appears and disappears; there is no blissful peace until one passes beyond the agony of life and death. Buddha We are not eternal.   Don’t believe the romantic notion that we’re eternal, we aren’t and thank God we’re not.  Are you confused yet?   I hope so, because then maybe you’ll take a … Continue reading

Go Beyond

The following is an except from The Roots of Romantic Buddhism However, the Dharma as expounded in its earliest records places training in oneness and a healthy sense of self prior to the most dramatic religious experiences. A healthy sense of self is fostered through training in generosity and virtue. A sense of oneness — … Continue reading

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