Some teachers say we’re pure awareness, please don’t get attached to this “concept” because awareness itself only arises with form.  When we sleep soundly there is no awareness and no form.  Yet somehow we eventually “wake up”  and on goes the parade of awareness/form or form/awareness.  With the concept “pure awareness” we tend to elevate it to a special category, when in truth it’s no more special than form.    What “purity” actually references is a quality, for instance, with every thought or object in awareness, usually a judgment arises as well,  it may be good or bad, or ugly, or beautiful and so on,  in the practice of “pure awareness” the goal is to drop the judgments.

“Pure Awareness” then is simply awareness without bias.  It’s important in spiritual practice to strive for “pure awareness”  or as its ordinarily called detachment, unfortunately some people run screaming at the mere mention of detachment so “pure awareness” is hauled out to ease their trembling.  If you’re one of these people, just remember pure awareness is simply awareness without bias.



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