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Living Tao

It Takes the Whole Wheel

Everything is changeable, everything appears and disappears; there is no blissful peace until one passes beyond the agony of life and death.


We are not eternal.   Don’t believe the romantic notion that we’re eternal, we aren’t and thank God we’re not.  Are you confused yet?   I hope so, because then maybe you’ll take a closer look at mortality.    I am not eternal, you are not eternal, Buddha was not eternal, One thing is eternal and it is source, the absolute.   When we understand that all that appears to exist is empty of essence and exists only conditionally in the first place we enter the unknown peacefully.

We are caused to get disillusioned with the world, we are caused to feel like a bad case of ground-hog day, we are caused to feel like we’ve been there and done that a million times, we already know the result and it’s just more of the same old temporary fix, without any lasting effect.   We are caused to look deeper, and when we look deeper we begin to get a sense of karma, of cause and effect.

The wheel of life and death grinds to a halt only when we understand life does not exist on our terms.  We think we create life by giving birth to children, but what we create has no more control over life than we do.   We want the life half of the wheel and not the death part.   It’s impossible to just drive on what appears to be the full part of a flat tire.   When we stop being in denial about death we are on our way to accepting the whole wheel, and it takes the whole wheel to carry us home.


About Cathy Preston

In a flash, like the blink of the eye, Subject and Object are seen as one, I am no more, the Whole is.


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