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Unsoiled by the World

What did Buddha mean by

Unsoiled by the world?

When I say the world is perfect, I still see it as it is, full of pain, sorrow, full of injustice, full of bullshit, full of politicians, full of beauty, full of love, full of hate, full of all the opposing forces that work seamlessly together to shape individuals, to deliver them from delusion.    I am not concerned with the world, it is perfectly perfect, I’m not here to change the world, I’m not here to change individuals, I’m here to point to truth.   I have seen through the suffering that goes on in the world, and I know you can to, you can rise above it, just the same as I have.

There are 7 billion people in the world today, with that comes 7 billion perspectives,  a perspectives appears valid to the person who has it, but can they all really be true?   There is one thing all these perspectives have in common, and that is they are all relative.   Truth is not relative, perspective is relative, truth isn’t.  Seek truth, not perspective.

So how can all these different perspectives be perfect?    They’re perfect because they force us to look at the futility of it all,  if we don’t eventually see the futility of it we’re going to continue to be stuck in duality.     Enlightenment is transcending duality, seeing beyond limited, finite self, getting a glimpse of the bigger picture.    Once the bigger picture is glimpsed every previous perspective we ever had is seen as a part of the wonder of it all that carried us to this moment, this is rising above it.   Yet until we experience truth for ourselves, we experience perspective as if it’s true,  by realizing that it’s temporary, relative, we can let it pass quickly, we don’t have to cling to it like it’s truth.   So this is a test for truth, is it relative? Is it eternal?  Is it temporary?

When we glimpse the world without boundaries, we glimpse truth, this alone is not relative, it’s not conditional, this alone is eternal, and changeless.    It has no inside or outside,  it’s beyond all limits, has no form or appearance.  There is literally no-thing nor nothing that is not it,  it is that which you see before you, some call it Tao, some call it God, some call it Buddha-Nature, it is the Source of all things and it is Truth.

Our original Buddha-Nature is, in highest truth, devoid of any atom of objectivity.  It is void, omnipresent, silent, pure; it is glorious and mysterious peaceful joy – and that is all.  Enter deeply into it by awakening to it yourself.   That which is before you is it, in all its fullness, utterly complete.  There is naught beside.  Even if you go through all the stages of a Bodhisattva’s progress towards Buddhahood, one by one; when at last, in a single flash, you attain to full realization, you will only be realizing the Buddha-Nature which has been with you all the time; and by the foregoing stages you will have added nothing to it at all.    You will come to look upon those aeons of work and achievement as no better than unreal actions performed in a dream.

This is why the Tathagata said, “I truly attained nothing from complete, unexcelled enlightenment.”  He also said: “This Dharma is absolutely without distinctions, neither high nor low, and its name is Bodhi.”  It is pure Mind, which is the source of everything and which, whether appearing as sentient beings or Buddhas, or as the rivers and mountains of the world which has form, or as that which is formless, or penetrating the whole universe, is absolutely without distinctions, there being no such entities as selfness and otherness.

Huang Po

Each individual must awaken to truth, yet you will never awaken to it if you get attached to a perspective.  Until you see the world as perfect, understand you’re just experiencing perspective and not truth.


About Cathy Preston

In a flash, like the blink of the eye, Subject and Object are seen as one, I am no more, the Whole is.


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