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Calm Abiding within Flux

Calm abiding within the flux, both transcendent and immanent, not meaningful nor meaningless.

I’m talking about the idea of going beyond.  Jesus, Buddha talk of something beyond the illusion of a physical world, the promise of going beyond the cycle of birth/death is what keeps many dedicated to the path, at the same time it hinders understanding with a belief in something beyond the here and now, so if one feels they have mentally transcended they may fall into the trap of thinking they will wholly transcend upon death.     Transcendence is true with the realization of existence beyond limited finite self.   Immanence is true as there is no going beyond consciousness, it is always within space and time.

So when we say the “the self” has no meaning, we have transcended time and space, but when we look into the void we realize beyond consciousness is an impossibility, no meaning, so ultimately meaning is ALWAYS staring us in the face.   Meaning or no meaning is within the moment, never beyond.     To say ALL is meaningless is to negate cause and effect, to say there is ultimate meaning is to negate cause and effect.

Before transcendence we think the self (matter) has inherent meaning,  we suffer because we add personal intention or purpose onto the moment.   In the middle of transcendence we think consciousness or awareness has inherent meaning, we suffer because we add unifying intention or purpose onto the moment.   After transcendence we understand that self (matter) is none other than consciousness, consciousness none other than matter,  we no longer add intention or purpose onto the moment, yet the moment is full.

Meaning is not found in matter, and meaning is not found in consciousness yet when they unify there is action, and it is right.   The miracle is not that something exists, the miracle is that when I get hungry I eat.


About Cathy Preston

In a flash, like the blink of the eye, Subject and Object are seen as one, I am no more, the Whole is.


2 thoughts on “Calm Abiding within Flux

  1. Ah, paradox! All seeming opposites are reconciled in the light of awareness, when there is only Now…

    Great post!

    ~ Ben

    Posted by bneal817 | May 27, 2012, 6:48 pm

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