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Living Tao

Living the Tao

I remember once watching a video on you-tube of a sat-sang. one of the questions was:  

Questioner:  How do I see God?
The guru answered: You must remove all doubt, then you will see god, so what do you say now?
Questioner:  I want to see God
Guru:  Now remove all doubt!
Questioner:  I ….    see God?

I came from the opposite side, I didn’t want to see God, I wanted to know if God existed.  I already knew if I had enough faith, I would see my “concept” of God, I didn’t want that, I wanted the truth regardless how brutal it might be.   Maybe you ‘re like me, maybe it’s not a question of faith, but a question of truth.   If truth is our goal we inevitably find ourselves letting go,  letting go of all kinds of attachments.    Yet sometimes the smallest beliefs go unnoticed,  and one small belief may be the only thing standing between you and the universe.

The last attachment is often non-duality, we get hung up on this concept because thinking about non-duality naturally leads to thinking about duality.  In truth neither exists.   Duality is a mirage propped up by consciousness itself, and non-duality, it’s natural opposite, becomes moot once the illusion is exposed.  What we need to avoid when exploring non-duality is trying to apply it as a fix for the problems of the world,  or for seeing fault in those around us, or the world itself.    Non-duality is a tool to shift our own perception, not to change outward appearances.   Our goal is to accept it as a concept so we can experiment with living as if it’s true, without getting attached to it as a solution to duality.     It can never be a solution, how do you solve a mirage?   Seeing through it is the only way,  this happens unexpectedly as you’re living the Tao.

Having a clear intention in each moment to surrender to the movement of life, forgetting about what other people are doing,  allowing your life to unify with the flow of the universe, your trust grows, as a underlying natural order becomes apparent.   With trust comes a willingness to sink more deeply into the flow, no more fighting against the current, it’s now a movement you’ve embraced.  Once we get into this habit, we can drop both concepts and just relax into the moment to moment natural flow, this is living the Tao, and it will take you exactly where you need to go.

So I say drop belief, drop concepts, drop knowing, let truth reveal itself.  Truth is what happens when you’re living the Tao.


About Cathy Preston

In a flash, like the blink of the eye, Subject and Object are seen as one, I am no more, the Whole is.


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