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The sky is blue, I am God

In my previous post To God, or not to God I was trying to convey how the statement: The sky is blue, is really no different from saying, I am God. You might then say to me; but wait the sky isn’t blue its covered with clouds, or you might say; what sky I can’t even see the sky its raining so hard, you may say; silly its night, all I can see is darkness.

And I’ll say it again:

The sky is blue, I am God

The sky is always blue, sometimes we just can’t see it.   That’s what life is like, it’s easy to believe we’re each separate individuals because that’s what we see.   But if we look closer, we look deeper,  we begin to see something else.  We begin to sense connection everywhere.   Like the empty space around us that we take for granted,  if we can’t exist without  breathing it,  without bringing it deep into our lungs, and if we  meditate on this web of life that is empty space, if we can switch our focus to that of the empty space breathing life into all  things, we may get a sense of this breath pulsing as one life.

We can see connections any direction we look, if we look back over our lives, back to our birth, to our conception, to our Mother and Father, whom without we wouldn’t exist, to their Mother and Father who without they wouldn’t exist.  If we keep exploring these connections we begin to get a sense of our life as not separate at all, in fact it’s impossible to be separate, and this movement of time, through space, is one great movement of life and we are not separate from it, but in the midst of it.

So once we get a real sense of this One great movement of life, we can begin to dance with it, we get caught up in it,  instead of fighting against it, we experience the rhythm.   As we focus on the rhythm something wonderful happens, we forget ourselves, we forget the dance, we are pure blue sky in every direction.


About Cathy Preston

In a flash, like the blink of the eye, Subject and Object are seen as one, I am no more, the Whole is.


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