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The innocence of man

God is born into the world through the innocence of man.

The innocence of man is the undoing of the shared delusion of separation.  He is one who knows he is not separate from even the smallest thing nor the greatest thing,  as he understands the folly of free will, he is freed from all guilt,  he lives with acceptance, surrendering to every moment as it unfolds.   He knows his essence itself is undivided, unbounded, and infinite.   With only the appearance of coming and going, only the appearance of living and dying, only the appearance of dualities.   This then is the birth of God.

Unfortunately most religions  are based upon a divided universe, or a divided divinity, and it becomes extremely hard to overcome this belief in heaven and earth, or a belief in God above, the Son on earth, and the Holy Spirit as the intermediary.  The original symbolic representation is lost and by mere belief the divisions are made real.  This is why the Buddha stressed the Tathagata* is the same unto all beings, with no mention of God.  People who are deeply religious have a hard time getting past dualistic ideas  which unwittingly become supported and nurtured by rituals and tradition.   Then there is the hierarchy within the religion itself, which is necessary for the religion’s organization,  but further promotes division.

There are a couple of way to practice breaking down these deeply ingrained beliefs one is through meditation, the other is through study of cause and effect, and emptiness.  This may produce an experience of nothingness which in itself is a significant milestone, its staring into the abyss of no-thought which is called the Void.  A black void that extinguishes everything, leaving one gasping for thought to survive.    Many people mistakenly think this is the culmination of their spiritual journey, it is not, though there is definitely a sense of completeness, and exploration from this point on is not driven by desperation but arises naturally.  People may,  in this stage mistakenly proclaim enlightenment, thinking if only we all realize our oneness we would love the world back to health.   Often this belief that non-duality can repair duality creates a schism that is extremely hard to bridge if one doesn’t realize this is not the climax.

The last stage may last several years and entails doing as little as possible, it’s learning a new way of being, that focuses on the moment, integrating the natural from moment to moment.  Any spiritual exploration arises naturally, digging deeper into emptiness and non-duality.     This stage is complete when you experience your own emptiness and understand the “suchness” of what is.     It’s here that you look as close or as far as you can see, in any direction,  and see only luminous mind, infinite and unbounded.   It’s here you realize the world as the delusion it is, built upon imaginary boundaries, with no reconciliation needed.       This then is the innocence of man and God is born into the world.

* the Tathagata is beyond all coming and going – beyond all transitory phenomena. He is one who has found the truth.


About Cathy Preston

In a flash, like the blink of the eye, Subject and Object are seen as one, I am no more, the Whole is.


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